So you invented a 'Chocolate Making Machine'! 
What type of chocolates are gonna pop out of it?

Download and print out the 4 templates; cut out all the round framed chocolates, color the B&W ones as you like or draw your own unique dream chocolates from scratch! Don't forget to name your chocolates uniquely, just like Cherry did!
Now which ones of these yummy chocolates are you gonna make and wolf down?
Stick your most favorites ones on the white circles around your 'Chocolate Machine'!
Here are Cherry's Favorite Ones!
What are yours?
'Chocolate Making Machine' coloring & drawing activity is based on the story in the picture book 'Cherry's First Invention'.

What You'll Need for This Activity
Crayons / Colored Pencils
Pritt Stick / Sellotape
Have fun! And don't forget to share your yummy chocolate drawings with a photo or video by tagging and sending to @readingcrow on instagram!
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