If you are as much curious about the stars and planets as Cherry, this hanging solar system is perfect for you to explore them!

 Kids will love exploring our solar system by making this planets craft all by themselves or with a little help of a parent or teacher. The mobile is also a fun way to teach kids about the solar system, the names and order of the planets and the significance of them as an educational activity in the classroom.
This Hanging Solar System is a crafts kit, created based on the story in the picture book "Cherry at the Stars".
What You'll Need for This Craft Kit
Pointy Object

How To Make The Hanging Solar System
1. Download the 3 templates by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Print them out on heavy A3 crafting papers 
(A3 paper size: 297 × 420 mm or 11.7 × 16.5 inches)

2. Cut out all planets and stars on template #2 and their reversed twins on template #3

3. Cut out the two hanger circles

4. Cut your thread into various lengths

5. Attach the threads on the back of each planet and star with sellotape

6. Pair each planet and star with its reversed twin and glue them together 

7. Open holes on the dots of both hanger circles with a pointy object

8. Attach the planets and stars by pushing the threads through the holes of the hanger circle #2, printed side facing upside down, and secure the threads with sellotape 

- Place the sun in the center, and the other planets along the spiral - Attach the stars on the star shapes

9. Attach the thread (which you will use to hang the mobile) to the hanger circle #1, pushing down through one hole and up the other  

10. Glue the two hanger circles together (*you may draw an extra circle on a heavy crafting paper, cut out and add in between to make the hanger even ticker) 

11. And voila! You have built your hanging solar system! Now you can find a place to hang it 

Have fun! And don't forget to share your hanging solar system with a photo or video by tagging and sending to @readingcrow on instagram!
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