Cherry can’t wait till her cow bank is full to buy the scooter she wants madly. Would it be a clever solution for her to still and sell the berries in Mad Witch’s garden?
~  impatient  ~  dauntless  ~ sharp witted  
~  full of mischief  ~
Written and Illustrated by Damla Ayzeren
Age Range: 4-8
Hardcover - 32 pages / Paperback - 36 pages
Publisher: Kök Publishing 2011
Expert Psychologist Sebnem Kartal 
"Jon was trying to catch the apples with both arms in the air. All of a sudden he flinched as he heard Mad Witch's voice.
"You little brats! Fruit thieves! Get out of my garden!"
The Adventures of Cherry
The series is about the interesting and funny adventures of Cherry; a smart, determined and creative girl, who is on the other hand a bit mischievous.
The books aim to help children love reading while encouraging them for creative thinking, make them develop powerful imaginations and build effective relationships in their social environments.
In the process of writing the series, the child-focused expert psychologist Sebnem Kartal was consulted in order to shape the stories in such a way that it will be best for the development of children.
The original Turkish edition books of the series are included in the EBA online learning program of the Ministry of Education.

Written and Illustrated by Damla Ayzeren
Published by Kök Publishing, 2011
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