“Cherry at the Stars” is an American Design Awards winner interactive e-Book app for kids aged 4-8.
The app is the first e-Book of  “The Adventures of Cherry” print book series.
While offering a new, fun reading experience with its interactive features, originally composed theme music and sound effects, the app still preserves the taste of a print book.
"Cherry at the Stars" is perfect for children to practice reading, regardless of their reading levels, with the help of the narrated texts.
Preschool kids can also have fun watching and exploring the animations in every page while listening to the narration.
“Cherry at the Stars” won the second place award at American Design Awards, in “app design” category. ADA is recognized around the world as one of the reputable and independent awards organizations. It awards inspirational design achievements among the best works of designers from all around the world.
The development and building of “Cherry at the Stars” app was made with Kwik and Corona SDK.

Project Phases: 
Visual Design, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Illustration, App Development

Designed and Developed by Damla Ayzeren – 2012
Music Composed by Kerem Köseoğlu
Narrated by Esin Harvey 
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