The concept of the first juice bar chain “Elma Armut”, including the brand identity, marketing materials and the store interiors, was designed to reflect the fun and colourful way of natural and healthy living.
Most of Elma Armut bars were designed to fit in all variable spaces as kiosks. A specifically designed play corner for kids existed inside each bar.
Playful promotions for both kids and adults were part of the brand’s mission of creating a healthy diet consciousness.
The guidelines of the emblem, corporate printed materials and bar design were standardized in Elma Armut Brand Book. An operations manual was also prepared, indicating the standards in production, distribution, service and staff training.

Project Role:  
Creative Director – Brand Director

Project Phases:
Concept Design, Logo Design, Identity Design, Branding, Print Design, Art Direction, Web Design, Brand Management

Damla Ayzeren – Elma Armut 2006 – 2009
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